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08-Jun-2017 04:32

One fling was for eight months, although it wasn’t every week during that drifted in and out and went through various stages of intensity.Dylan*, a 33-year-old policy advisor from London, has been using the extra-marital affairs site Ashley Madison to cheat on his wife since 2014.They got together 10 years ago when they were 23, and have been married for five years.We're both very independent anyway, but it was like we were like ships passing in the dark. I planned to see what it was all about and didn’t really intend to do anything. Jenny and I talk a lot and we’re each other’s best friends, blah blah blah.But a few days later I found myself feeling more and more intrigued. I’m extremely happy with her in a lot of senses and I definitely love her.It was Christmas, which I know sounds very cliché but it's how it happened.Obviously I felt guilty, but it was incredible at the same time.

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It was after one of those interesting work dos and we'd all had a little bit to drink.

This very attractive senior member of staff was being very seductive.

She was like, 'Oh there's no one else in the building.' I guess I was led astray a little.

In 2017, 70% of Ashley Madison's new UK members were male and aged 35 and under.

The most common reason they cited for joining the site was that the sex in their current relationship was "rare" or "non-existent".

I have a chat on an online platform that’s not on my phone, so a woman's message couldn't just pop up on my home screen.

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