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This is the campy, colorful, comedic adaptation of the titular comic book character, produced for ABC from 1966 to 1968; it featured Batman (played by Adam West) and Robin (played by Burt Ward) foiling daffy and innocuous criminals via detective work and slow fist-fights which were punctuated by large comic-style POW! The result was an instant smash hit in 1966 that appealed to both kids and adults: children tuned in for the superhero adventures, while adults caught the jokes and satirical humor.

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In 2015, Ward revealed he and West would be returning for a full-length animated movie for the series' 50th anniversary in 2016.

But they charge a hefty interest rate of 18.9 per cent after that – and campaigners have warned this long period of guilt-free shopping only encourages buyers to spend even further beyond their means.

Step Change Debt Charity was contacted by a record 600,000 people seeking help in 2016.

These customers typically take decades to pay off their debt, meaning the profits for banks are huge – and discouraging them from acting to address the problem.

The Bank's intervention was welcomed by campaigners but there were questions over why it had taken so long to act.The average unsecured debt of its clients increased for the first time in eight years, from £13,900 to £14,251.