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During the war, almost a million ethnic Albanians fled Kosovo.Britain under Tony Blair initiated the intervention that stopped the Serbs.To this day, Kosovans love and respect Britain and the USA for their part in the country’s liberation.There is a boulevard named after Tony Blair and, nearby, a huge statue of Bill Clinton.During this time, a large number of Kosovan teenagers were sent to the UK or USA to work, safe from the extreme discrimination/apartheid that was now rife at home.Many 40 year olds that you meet now in Kosovo received their education in the houses of neighbours where teachers set up temporary schools because all Albanian secondary school pupils were banned from attending their now almost empty local schools.While Pristina is not the most aesthetically appealing city you’ll ever come across, it exudes an infectious energy.

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In that play, a 16 year old Kosovan girl, Hanna, escapes the war in spring 1999 and finds herself, with her mother and her brother, in Margate, living in a run-down hotel.Albanian Kosovans lost their rights to education, welfare and to employment.In 1998, Milosevic, the president of Serbia, unleashed a bombing campaign with the strategic aim of taking over the entire state of Kosovo and making it part of a greater Serbia. The 45 minute ride to Hotel Parlament in the centre of Pristina costs only 13 euros.

The hotel is clean and simple and 100 yards from the parliament building.From 2000 onwards, a very large number of Kosovans returned.

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