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Their brother Suresh, 63, backed Yashwant, while another, Rajnikant, 71, played no part in the case.Girish claimed that, on a visit to London from her home in Singapore in 2005, his mother had asked him to make a new will.Tonight, a woman who claims she was sexually assaulted by an MP during a work trip abroad accused Parliament of failing to act during an interview with ITV News.

Under the microscope, an expert found on the 2005 document the indentation on the page of another signature of Mrs Patel's nearby.A 'long and acrimonious dispute' has since raged over control of the businesses, with legal cases ongoing in several different countries.The brothers' mum - Prabhavati Dahyabhai Patel - died aged 88 in September 2011, sparking fresh arguments in court.A respected account who brazenly lied after being accused of forging his mother's will to leave her slice of the family's £160million to him has been jailed for a year.

Girish Dahyabhai Patel, 65, used a blank document, pre-signed by his 'astute and devout' mother, before adding a will around it.The spreadsheet, which includes six serving Cabinet ministers, has been partially published in the UK over the past few days.

As per the data of 2017, his salary is calculated around 2 million dollars every year which makes Keith Olbermann net worth of 25 million dollars.… continue reading »

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Ale – co by nie było – zakaz malowania i rzeźbienia podobizn Boga jest tam wypisany bardzo jednoznacznie. I nic, bo obecnie na lekcjach religii uczy się już zmodyfikowanych przykazań z Katechizmu, a nie tych oryginalnych z Biblii.… continue reading »

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The family sold their belongings after fleeing airstrikes in the northern city of Saada last year.… continue reading »

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